A Process and a Promise

We are dedicated to crafting clean, high quality, award-winning supplements, and promise we’ll always be transparent about what is in- or not in- them. That’s “the MegaFood Way”. When you learn about our products you’ll find:

  • By “clean” we mean that our products feature the nourishment you’re looking for and you can be confident that our products are tested free of ingredients you told us you prefer to avoid: soy, dairy, and gluten. Most of our products are certified non-GMO Project Verified. We test all of our products for over 125 herbicides and pesticides and our entire supplement line is tested Glyphosate Residue Free. We guarantee this with the nine certifications for purity & safety clearly displayed on our labels and shoppable product pages so you know exactly what you’re taking.
  • An obsession with quality with all our products
  • A process driven by the highest standards that we hold suppliers, farmers, co-manufacturers, and ourselves to

Everyone has the right to know what is in and on their food

It’s in our manifesto and is a philosophy that drives how and why we craft the clean products we do. Our supplement labels share everything from the FoodState Nutrients™ included- the real food from trusted farm partners plus added vitamins and minerals that we craft ourselves- to the exact ingredients needed to bind our product into its form, to any one of 9 certifications for purity and safety. We’ve updated our labels to the new FDA standards so that you can clearly understand the the Daily Values and nutritional information presented on them. We’re the only supplement brand to have our entire line certified glyphosate residue free, and we took our fight to ban glyphosate to Washington DC, because we know you don’t want harmful pesticides on your food or your supplements.

We’re obsessive about quality

We guarantee the highest level of quality control, safety, and potency that you’ve come to expect—and make all our certifications clear on labels and product pages, so you know exactly what you’re taking. We strive to source our ingredients according to our new Healthy Farm Standard to help with a more resilient future. These high standards are set in place regardless of where our products are made or who makes them.

Our manufacturing facility is cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified by NSF. Each product lot is subjected to rigorous testing in our ISO 9001 certified laboratory to ensure purity and quality standards are met. And most importantly, each product has a range of certifications so you can see exactly what goes into your product and be certain of our commitment to quality.

Our process

We believe our bodies recognize real food and so we work with trusted farm partners- who share our commitment to organic and regenerative agriculture– to craft our premium supplements with organic food like oranges, cranberries, turmeric, ginger and kale for example. With these foods and more, we add vitamins and minerals to create 44 proprietary Foodstate Nutrients, and commit to only the best from there.

Slo-Food™ Process for tablets

We purchase over 700,000 pounds of fresh produce each year from our trusted partners—all held to high standards, and all delivered to our back door in New Hampshire.

Once we get our hands on the real food, we squish, smush, and smash the entire fruit or vegetable. We then move this delicious pulp through a series of tanks where we integrate in more vitamins or minerals for potency.

Then, we dry. Our gentle Refractance Window Drying™ technology carefully dries the vitamin-filled pulp to the exact point of dehydration (no more, no less). And because it automatically shuts off at a specific point of dehydration, it preserves sensory qualities such as color, aroma, and taste so that all of that goodness ends up in our supplements.

We then tumble that paper-thin dried mixture into powder, press it into tablets, count, and bottle them up. And it only takes 236 hours for that one quality batch!