Healthy Farm Standard

As a B-Corporation, we’re obsessive about quality and committed to doing good. Our Social Impact aspiration is to transform “agri-culture” by empowering communities, revolutionizing food systems, and committing to radical transparency.

To do that, we need to regenerate our soil because it provides the best solution to meet global goals around climate and nutrition. And while modern agriculture is often portrayed as a reason for so many climate and nutrient problems, we also know that it’s the solution.

We believe in the power of farmers, and that regenerative and caring agriculture can help us meet our climate and nutritional goals. So we have developed a sourcing standard that will provide farm partners with the support they need to lead this revolution.

Partners must meet minimum requirements in three key areas:

  • Building the soil (soil health, soil nutrients, and pest management)
  • Conserving resources (water conservation, water pollution, fossil fuels, biodiversity)
  • Supporting thriving livelihoods (farm management, thriving workers, nutritional access)

We proudly offer support and partnership throughout the process, and incentivize farmers through on-farm investments and consulting services to help reach shared goals, help increase carbon levels in soil, and help improve overall soil health.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also make sure every business we source ingredients, materials, and services from meets our Supplier Code of Conduct—encompassing respect for the rights of all individuals, respect for the environment, and integrity and ethical conduct in all operations.

Now, you can be more confident than ever that you’re helping support a more resilient future.